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About LE

Driven to prove that a culture could not thrive, LE was born. Designs influenced by barrio culture, social stigmas, and empowerment, LE offers that "food for thought" on fashion. The business strongly supports other companies and artists. They enjoy getting hands on in various charity events and humanitarian work. LE is also an advocate for education and bettering yourself as well as your community.

"Vegas Brisa" owner and designer of LE was a teen in the 90's with a heavy latino influence at her Las Vegas highschools. Altho born in Anaheim, CA and raised on O'ahu,HI; the chicano lifestyle, (especially cholas) was something she was always infatuated with.

"I was so drawn to the cohesiveness of latino families. It reminded me a lot of growing up in Hawai'i where family was everything; second was food lol. There was so much pride in their culture. They were soldiers for their heritage. I was just so blown away by that and had tremendous respect for the culture. I hope people are inspired by my message and work. I hope it leaves a positive footprint and continues to grow. I want to stand for something; live legendary. " -Vegas Brisa